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Protect VIPs from Targeted Attacks

What is VIP Cyber protection?

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting high-profile celebrities, politicians, company executives, board members, and investors to take advantage of their high wealth and prominent stature. It’s critical to monitor and prevent or shut down external campaigns that attempt to phish, hack, or impersonate your VIPs online.

In a few words, it’s the service that protects you from Cyber Threats, Cyber Criminals and information loss or leakage. Our VIP Cyber Security auditing starts with determining your Digital Assets, their location and their protection levels. Then we will determine what are the paths that an attacker shall use in order to access and infiltrate those digital assets. We monitor web activity in order to detect malice campaigns and finally, we proceed on protecting them against cyber threats, using special software, procedures and training.

Why VIPs need Cyber Security Service?

High net worth individuals or people who are popular or are they key person to hold valuable and confidential private or corporate information are great targets for Hackers.

In fact, today’s cyber criminals devote days or even months observing your environment without being noticed and hop from computer to computer until they reach the key person who is the primary target, from whom they can either get the data or blackmail. This is because when they successfully enter your computer and lock someone’s files or leak private information, they can request huge amount of money to stop doing so.

Defend Against Profile Impersonations

Identify and take down fake social media profiles impersonating your executives, board members, and other VIPs, which may be used to phish employees, spread misinformation, or damage brand reputation.

Identify Sensitive Data Leaks

Scour thousands of dark web forums, black markets, paste sites, and other sources to discover leaked PII / PHI and sensitive data of your executives.

Protect Against Targeted Attacks

Uncover target lists and identify spear-phishing campaigns that attempt to attack and exploit your executives, board members, and employees with access to sensitive corporate systems.