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Our services:


Cyber consulting

With CyPROS Cyber Security Consulting, we offer a no-compromise solution that eliminates information technology; security operations and information infrastructure cyber security gaps, we are delivering executive-level counsel required to succeed. We’ll work alongside management and company professionals to best align security policies and practices with organizational strategy and business objectives to reach your operational goals.

Strategy and Advisory

We offer strategy and advisory service to accommodate organizational Cyber-Security posture status and creating road map to Cyber-Security goals. Very often the internal units within an organization lack the ability to fully process, evaluate and visualize current status, this requires a professional slant on all aspects of the business and the way they cross-refer with Cyber-Security, Risk Management, Regulatory requirements and more.

Product Expertise

Many products adopted as means of protection and mitigation of risks are far less effective than assumed, lack of proper and frequent maintenance, application of best effort instead of best practice, lack of audit etc. exposes the organization to unneeded and uncalculated risks, we bring an extensive experience and broad knowledge to plan, integrate and support such products to the full extent of value.