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On November 23, 2022, Jerusalem, Israel was shocked by two explosions. Two civilians were killed including a teenager on his way to school. Over 19 others were injured.

Initial investigations indicated that explosive devices were placed at both blast sites and a search is underway for suspects, the police spokesperson said.

When the investigators asked to see camera feeds – they received answers that there was no video from the cameras that are directed at the locations.

It was reported a day later that an Iranian hackers group named “Moses Staff” published the same video feed that the investigator could not get.

The police state clearly that those videos are not from the camera feeds.

Was this a mistake that someone just didn’t find the video?

Did someone delete the feed?

Was there an attack on the cameras?

We do not know.

The attackers claim that they had full control over the video systems.

Why is this important? If there has been a cyber attack aimed at hiding the physical attack we need to prepare for this today.

Right now it looks like just an attack on public opinion.

Having the right mechanism for threat intelligence and defense i.e. data, signals and analysis, will better prepare and defend against these calculated efforts.

Update: The terrorist has been arrested.

Source: Channel 13 (